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You’ve worked really hard on that copy – so it makes sense to pass it over to a professional who can get your work primed and ready to go.

You might think that skim-reading your work is enough, but what’s written down might be very different to what you’re envisioning. You might have missed words out of sentences, or haven’t quite expanded on that nuanced point in your latest blog post. And this is where I come in.

Not only do I help you with those spellings, errors and tenses, but I also offer an outside perspective too. I can tell you if your work actually makes sense while adapting your language and tone to your audience.

And if you’re unsure whether you need proofreading or copyediting, feel free to get in touch so we can have an informal chat.


Sarah is busy doing some proofreading at her laptop.

Proofreading isn’t just about getting a fresh pair of eyes on your copy. It’s about making sure it’s the best standard it can be.

Instead of hitting send once you’ve finished writing that training document, it’s a really, REALLY good idea to have it checked by an expert first. Because nobody wants lingering mistakes that leave a bad impression.

So why partner with me? Well, I’m a native English speaker, my background is in copywriting and marketing, and I have a BA (Hons) in English Literature. Oh, and I’m a former English tutor, so I’ve spent many an hour helping students fine-tune their work.

My proofreading services provide meticulous, high-quality end-products that are free from pesky errors and typos, and those data-heavy stats will be carefully checked to ensure accuracy. This isn’t something all proofreaders will do, but in the age of misinformation, it’s a standard part of my process.

Whether you need some help proofing an upcoming sales guide or your shiny new course materials, I can ensure your work is high-quality and accurate, helping you maximise your copy’s potential.


Services on offer

Individual articles

Need to get that new article checked over before you publish it on your website? Let me take it off your hands. I’ll make sure it’s high-quality, consistent, and in keeping with your brand voice.


A site full of typos won’t do your business any favours. Whether you’re launching a new website or auditing your current one, I can carefully inspect your pages and fix those niggling errors.


eBooks can require some meticulous checks, so you’ll want to pass them over to someone who’s experienced with long-form content. I’ll get them ship-shape so they’re ready for  launch.

Research papers

Present your findings with confidence. I’ll work alongside you to ensure your research papers clearly convey your thoughts and ideas, and highlight those areas that might need clarifying.

Training resources

Unveiling some slick new training decks for your team or client? Don’t let those errors and typos ruin your credibility. I’ll polish up your slides to make sure they’re grammatically flawless.

Business documents

Whether you’re after accurate internal reports, consistent newsletters or a persuasive buyer’s guide, I can improve the quality of your work to bring it up to the standard you need.


Think of editing as proofreading 2.0.

This is a step up from my basic proofreading package, as I’ll be making active changes and amendments to your copy. I make suggestions on the flow of the work, and double down on the areas that need to be developed or written more succinctly.

With editing services, there’s way more in it for you. You’ll have the core features of your writing addressed, ensuring clarity, readability and super smooth narration. Just bear in mind that editing takes longer than proofreading, as there’s naturally more work involved.

If accuracy is your number one priority, I can also go beyond the standard stat assessment and offer a comprehensive fact-checking service. This is especially useful for organisations launching eBooks, papers and long-form essays. Fake news is absolutely everywhere these days, so it’s really not a bad idea to get that data evaluated before you decide to publish.

Whatever you decide, just remember that my services are completely bespoke, so we’ll always work around your preferences and goals.

Sarah is sat at a table too large for her as she gets on with some work.

“When reviewing documents, Sarah’s attention to detail is fantastic. She does a wonderful job of finding the appropriate flow to tell the story correctly, and suggests thoughtful and insightful changes that help to elevate the piece as a whole.


She is also excellent at finding the key points and summarising them succinctly. Thank you!”

Alex Lewis, Create Engage

Get In Touch

Like the look of what you see? Reach out for an informal chat. No pressure, no heavy sales pitches – just a conversation about your current proofreading needs.

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