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  • How are these sessions carried out?
    Both Power Hours and 30 Minute 1:1s will take place over Google Meets. Just because Zoom isn’t what it used to be. The session will be recorded and sent over to you. You’ll also receive a summary of what we discussed, along with some actionable goals.
  • Who are the consulting sessions for?
    My copywriting consulting sessions are for anyone, but they’re particularly suited to small business owners and Virtual Assistants who are looking to make an impact with their words. That being said, if you happen to write reports, create decks or craft social media posts, you’ll definitely find the sessions useful!
  • How should I pay for my session?
    Calendly will prompt you to pay for your session through PayPal. Please note that if the payment hasn’t been made at least 24 hours before our session is due to take place, it’ll automatically be cancelled.
  • Can I book multiple sessions?
    You can indeed. If you’re working on a big project or learning how to hone your copywriting skills long-term, we can schedule regular sessions at a time that suits you. Just drop me an email at so we can iron out the details.
  • Can I cancel or rearrange my session?
    Sure thing! If I have advanced notice, we can just rearrange for another time, or cancel your session altogether. Full refunds can be given if necessary.
  • Where are you located?
    I’m based in the rainy city – Manchester! It’s rare that I’ll meet clients in person, as it’s generally quicker and easier for both parties to communicate via email and video call. This structure also enables me to work with clients across the UK and beyond. That being said, if we’ve agreed on a large-scale project and you happen to be in the Manchester area, give me a shout and we can grab a brew.
  • How much do your copywriting services cost? Is there a deposit?
    I generally charge by the project, as this takes care of the dreaded scope creep. However, to give you a rough idea, I charge a day rate of £400 for short-term projects, which includes two rounds of revisions. Prices for long-term retainers can be discussed. For any project over £450 (i.e. anything that takes longer than a day) I require 50% of the payment upfront before starting any work.
  • What information do I need to give you?
    The briefing and research stage is crucial. I’ll need to ask questions – lots of them – to get a clear idea of what you’re after. The more information you can give me, the better the work will be. Please provide background information on your business, brand guidelines, tone of voice, structures, promotional materials, sample pieces, or any points of reference you may have. It’s also important to notify me of any specific things you want me to include, as well as those topics and keywords you want to avoid.
  • Do you write free samples?
    No. And if this is something you’re after, we probably won’t be a good fit. I like to work with clients who appreciate and value the quality of my work.
  • What if I need to change a brief or cancel a project?
    If I haven’t started the work yet (including research) and there isn’t a significant change, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if there are changes in briefs once I’ve started work on your project, I’ll need to assess timescales and potential changes in costs. If you need to cancel a project, please be aware that this incurs a 50% kill fee.
  • How many rounds of edits do you offer?
    I offer two rounds of revisions to all clients, which are included in my fee. Any additional edits or revisions will be costed accordingly.
  • How long will it take you to write the copy I need?
    This really does depend on the size of the project. Once I’ve received all the information I need to start writing, I’ll quickly let you know when the work will be finished if we haven’t already agreed on a deadline. I also like to keep clients updated on progress to give them peace of mind throughout the process.
  • I’m keen to work with you. What happens next?
    If you like the look of what you see, reach out at sarahcatherine[dot]copy[at] We’ll get a discovery call set up to talk through your exact needs and specifications. Once we’ve nailed down the details of the project, I’ll put a nice shiny proposal together, which will include the costs of the work you want. Depending on the scope of the project, I might be able to provide a ballpark figure before creating a proposal for you, as I’m conscious you need to compare my rates to other quotes you’ve sourced. If you’re happy with what’s been outlined in the proposal, we can get to work!
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