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If you’re looking for quality copywriting services, you’ve come to the right place.

You might be struggling with a lack of enquiries, or have an almost endless backlog of content that needs to be planned and curated. Either way, I’m here to not only make your copy a damn sight better than it currently is, but also take all hassle away from the writing process. Because who wants to work with a freelance copywriter who adds stress?


So take a look at what’s on offer, and let me know if you think we’d be a good fit.

Here Sarah is typing on a laptop in a trendy coffee shop.

Copywriting for businesses

The climate is tough right now, so you’ll need to use every marketing trick in the book to nab those conversions. And copywriting can play a BIG part in that.

When you establish consistency and get your tone and messaging right, you’ll be able to build solid relationships with your customers and clients – making those conversions so much more achievable. And this is something of a speciality of mine.

With a focus on client and customer personas, I create human-centric copy that delivers the right message to the right people. Instead of taking shortcuts with ChatGPT, I double down on copywriting psychology to build trust, authority, and brand awareness, helping you progress towards your business goals.


Services on offer.

Email marketing

Nobody likes boring emails. In fact, if they’re that bad, your users might unsubscribe. I can help you pack a punch with your emails, making sure they engage, inform, and encourage your users to take the action you want.

Blog posts

Never underestimate the power of organic content. With a research-first approach, I dig down into what makes your customers and clients tick, which helps me create articles that your audience actually wants to read.

Case studies

If you’re a B2B organisation, case studies are your secret marketing weapon. I can help you turn your past successes into a  red-hot lead magnet by showcasing your projects, processes, and those all-important results.

LinkedIn posts

Tired of your posts falling flat? Outsource them to a copywriter who spends a LOT of time on LinkedIn. Whether you want to launch a slick new campaign or promote your latest podcast episode, I’ve got you covered.

Website copy

Persuasive web copy takes research, planning and strategy. So if you’ve not got the time or skills (or patience) to overhaul your website, I can work alongside you to cut out the fluff and craft copy that engages, entices and converts.

In-house content

In-house content doesn’t have to be dull. Whether you need help with staff comms, training documents or copy for that shiny new deck you’ve been working on, I can deliver content that engages your team and imbibes your company values.

Copywriting for agencies

Digital agencies are my bread and butter. Why? Because I can immerse myself in multiple brands with ease, and provide the high-quality copy and advice that satisfies even the pickiest clients.

Agency life moves fast. I get it. So you’ll naturally want someone who you can trust, who’s reliable, and can help you meet those never-ending deadlines.

I’ve partnered with digital agencies for years now, so I know how the process works. I can collaborate with you on those high-profile projects that require multiple sign-offs, or I can jump on board for a quick refresh of your upcoming webinar copy. Whatever you need some support with.

So if you’re struggling to nail down those deliverables or get the results your clients want, it might be time to outsource your copy to an expert…

Sarah is trying to smile in a portrait headshot.

My Creative Process

Every copywriter will have a different creative process. I tend to try and make mine as painless as possible for clients, so you can focus on doing all of those things you're great at.

So to find out if, you know, we'd actually be a good fit, it's worth taking a look at how I do my thing.


Step 1
Project scopes and outlines

This is arguably the most important stage, as it sets a strong foundation for the writing process. The more details you can give me about what you want, the better.

I’ll be honest – I am a very, very big fan of a comprehensive brief. But if you’re not sure how to make one or what to include, don’t fret. You just need to fill out my brand messaging questionnaire, which will help me learn more about who you are as a business, what your aims and values are, and what makes your clients and customers tick. This has to be completed before any work can start.

Step 2
Research Time

When you’ve sent over all the information I need, I can get moving with my research. It gives me a chance to really get to grips with your target audience and your competitors, and organise my thoughts into something, you know, coherent.

I won’t send anything over to you at this point, as this is really my ‘working things out’ stage before I start writing. I’ll touch base with you to make sure I’m heading in the right direction, but don’t be expecting a draft just yet.

Step 3
Drafting and crafting

This is when things probably get a lot more interesting for you. When I’m fully immersed in your brand, I’ll get cracking with your shiny new copy, making sure it nails the criteria you’ve outlined.

As every project is different, the wirework and time frames can vary here, but I’ll give you a specific deadline and keep you in the loop on progress. I usually do this via email.

Step 4
Feedback please

Once I’ve completed your drafts, it’s time for you to roll up your sleeves and read what I’ve put together. It’s pretty rare for something to be perfect first time around (if only) so this is where you’ll need to chip in and give me some pointers on what needs to be tweaked and where. You’ll have ten working days to submit your comments.

I typically offer one to two rounds of amendments, depending on the project in question and what we’ve already agreed on. I’ll edit and update the copy, and ping it back over to you so you can take a look at those final finishing touches before we sign off.

Step 5
Final payment

Once you’ve signed off, I’ll send over any final invoices. All invoices are due on receipt (no 60-day payments here please) but once they’re paid, the copy is all yours!

“We approached Sarah to help us turn our bank of case studies into news stories, and we couldn’t be more pleased with each piece.

Throughout the project Sarah was very professional in all aspects, from communication, project planning to the creation of the content. During the project Sarah welcomed changes and provided feedback to suit and amplify our writing style and reach.

Sarah is a truly fantastic person to work with and we found her to be flexible and efficient. We would look to work with her again for future projects.”

Stacey Johnson, Activity Alliance

Get In Touch

Like the look of what you see? Reach out for an informal chat. No pressure, no heavy sales pitches – just a conversation about your current copywriting needs.

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