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Human-centric copy in B2B and beyond.

I produce high-quality, authentic copywriting that targets your audience and nurtures relationships - without using Chat GPT.

This is an image of Sarah Catherine Jones, Founder of SCJ Copywriting.

Let's work together


When you work with me, you can always count on quality freelance copywriting that's well written, thoroughly researched, and tailored to your exact business needs.

Whether you're after case studies, blog posts, email campaigns or social media updates, you'll receive on-brand, specialised content that increases online visibility and builds engagement with your target customers.


If you’re looking for some expertise in refining your in-house writing techniques, I’m on hand with the knowledge and experience to help you on your way.

I take the time to assess your current challenges, and tap into what makes your brand unique and wonderful. You’ll receive personalised solutions which suits your exact needs, helping your organisation deliver the right message at the right time.


 I can polish and refine your copy to deliver quality and consistency. Your work will be free from grammatical errors, typos, punctuation mistakes, and anything else that might have escaped your eyes.

All of my proofreading services come with free basic editing, with a focus on improving accuracy and professionalism. This ensures your copy is of the highest quality and reflective of your brand.

Here Sarah Catherine Jones is looking awkward as she poses for a business headshot.

Why hire me as your freelance copywriter?

  • I work as an extension of your in-house marketing team, liaising with marketing heads, directors and account managers to craft meaningful copy that goes beyond surface-level blog posts

  • My services are cheaper than an agency and much more flexible

  • I have a proven track record for helping businesses across the world inform target audiences, educate customers and nurture sales

  • My experience is hugely varied- while I have a strong background in B2B (marketing, consultancy, SaaS etc) I’ve also produced a lot of work for sectors including charities, DEI, photography and entertainment

  • I work with a research-first approach to ensure copy is authoritative, accurate, and up to date

  • An obvious point to make maybe, but I am actually a very experienced, professional copywriter that doesn't use shortcuts like ChatGPT. I also have a background in digital marketing, so I know how to craft copy that aligns with your strategy.

"Sarah is a very professional copywriter.


She always delivers content on time written beautifully and accurately.


Her writing is always research-based with the most relevant data. She is also fun to work with and I would recommend working with Sarah in any industry.”

Vered, Rdentify


"Sarah is an absolute joy to work with - she knows exactly how to put herself into the shoes (and mindset) of your audience in order to create amazing and impactful copy that really speaks to the right people.


Sarah always delivers content on time and to the highest of standards and will always be one of my go-to freelancers for anything content-related."

Tasmin, Fika Digital

"Sarah's copy is clear, concise, confidently written, and manages to capture the exact tone of voice for our business.

Her pieces are meticulously researched and always delivered on time, even when working to tight deadlines.

I would highly recommend Sarah and her content marketing expertise."

Mick, Grace Media

Copywriting with Purpose

There are plenty of freelance copywriters out there, but not all of them have the ability to deep-dive into your business. It's time we do away with surface-level copy and connect, nurture and grow audiences through meaningful content.


Crafting research-focused copy to identify and solve customer pain points

Brand Oriented

Leading with your brand’s tone of voice to resonate with your target audience

SEO Friendly

Optimising copy and content to improve the rankings and visibility of your site

Get In Touch

Like the look of what you see? Reach out for an informal chat. No pressure, no heavy sales pitches – just a conversation about your current wants and needs.

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